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White Label

Online Casino Solutions

This is an answer – a port of call from this Asian iGaming provider. Enjoy Gaming’s products & services page catalogues our much desired White Label Online Casino Solutions, invigorating gambling growth from within – modern updates in-line, while keeping up with progress as always. Full stack, Business-to-Business (B2B) answers brim within these walls – allowing online casino ownership a hassle-free, content application. Find what our services can be of use, or contact Enjoy Gaming to be empowered of White Label Betting Services.

Wallet System

The gambling voyage is now in details. Documenting each player’s passage in Casino Gaming, all betting references – deposits, transfer and withdrawals can be viewed by respective players. Enjoy Gaming’s e-Wallet System maintains a tertiary level encryption for heightened security, keeping any White Label Online Casinos safe from unnecessary breach.

Affiliate Marketing

Rejoice for what can teamwork bring. Giving the token of value back, Enjoy Gaming’s affiliation programme turns casino players into business personnel. Find transparency in this commission system – affiliate tiers and progressive incentive scheme helps to accelerate recruitment process, altogether elevating your White Label Online Casino with this service at hand.

Rebate Syetem

An automated Rebate System that gauges based on collected points. Built upon the calculations of various factors, the cycle of repayment is dependent – coming annually, weekly or even in daily basis. Enjoy gaming’s Rebate Percentage is to be configured by players.

Mini Games Engagement

A wheel of fortune. A slot pop-out. A rolling game of dice. Mini games keep the spirit of entertainment alive, with many a chance to bet, win and stay rewarded, this is the enticing beacon that keeps your White Label Online Casino attractive. Various membership entitlement offers different rewards, choose a few- over hundred plus mini games for your players.

Broadcast Management

Enjoy Gaming’s Broadcast Management is a one-click promotional board designed to mass message all players in your database. As a software supported to work with SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram and many more mediums, this White Label Online Casino Service eases the burden of tagging and finding leads across different social media channels.

Intelligent Reporting

A fully comprehensible report designed for data-driven, marketable objectives. Timeline of gambling activity, health score for average deposits, trends of assayed iGaming products and many more can be derived, keeping a sharp lookout for the next big thing.

Full API Integration

All White Label Online Casino games – slots, live dealers, sportsbook and more will be wired with API. Fully integrating your iGaming platform with gaming providers’ real-time feed, all scores, games availability, transaction data and others will be shown whenever used. Enjoy Gaming’s decade long expertise in maintaining a safe and stable API yardstick ensures no betting platforms are down for maintenance – especially in the time of day, or night is at the peak of bets.

  • Payment Gateway

Secure, reliable, and fast payment solutions for your audiences. Our payment gateways are secured and highly protected. The payment gateway focuses on performing minimum transaction frequency with high-end security.

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