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Poker pro Mike Sexton announced dead from prostate cancer

  1. Poker superstar and professional commentator Mike Sexton departed this world at the age of 72. The card game enthusiast was renowned for his unyielding passion towards poker, having played so casually at an earlier age that traces back into his college days. 

In a sudden twist of events, Mike Sexton was announced dead publicly in a news release that shook those fancy of cards within the gambling industry. The press was initially released by PartyPoker, a website co-created by Mike, and was later validated by World Poker Tour (WPT), leading efforts to preserve and honour Sexton’s contributions which have shaped the card game till this very day.

“He (Mike) kept his health declination a secret,” paraphrasing a tweet allegedly permitted by Sexton, that was posted by Linda Johnson whom he had close relations with.

“He’s toughened out to his last breath against prostate cancer, an illness that has plagued throughout his body.”

Yet despite all, Mike Sexton chose to live with the dignity of dying without the public’s worry, as his last imparted gift was to maintain a charismatic and positive outlook that has since been immortalised.

Earlier Life

Mike Sexton had frequent the psychological dabbles of card games since attending Ohio State University. In his scholastic path of earning a public recreation college degree, Mike was routinely juggling between playing poker and also contract bridge; the latter is something which he too excelled at and also guided classes about it at that time. Infamously joking about ‘majoring in poker’ due to his preference and liking of the card game, Mike Sexton carried on with his passion wholeheartedly that made it his professional career.

However, just before becoming a consistent gambler, Mike Sexton served as a military man in 1970 – which he never once saw the bloodied fields of war while at Vietnam. Returning to the home soils of the United States after two years of deployment, Mike pursued sales for a little while but ultimately resorted into consistent professional gambling when he soon found out that he could have made even more money.

This was the objective that had been established lifelong. And by 1985, Mike Sexton had relocated into Nevada to realise his dreams in advocating the card games industry.

A Poker Professional

Mike Sexton sitting at the poker table playing WPT Tournament

A full thrust of focus is now available and has been laid bare for Mike Sexton to exploit. Given the available time considering his commitment as a poker promoter, every corner surrounding this card game has been engaged with his involvement. To begin with, Mike was instrumental in the broadcasting inception of competitive poker. Under WPT’s belt of commentating, his life long professional presence took a notch above in helping the public gain leeway with an insightful perspective on the minds behind poker plays in many a gambling tournament.

Mike Sexton was also an avid supporter of iGaming ventures when it comes to the wagering business. With his sight set upon the transition objective towards online casinos or gambling platforms permitting borderless betting, a broader range of audience can be attained; adding capital growth while stimulating the card game’s recognition. This can be seen with his flagship webpage, PartyPoker, that serves as an exemplary to the stated cause.

In the time of his professional career, Mike Sexton has won an amounted estimate of $7 million since his 1980s debut. His seasoned veteran expertise in keeping an undistracted winner’s mindset, as well as documenting his long way of pocket strategies was framed into a book called, “Shuffle Up And Deal”, in reference of the world to pick up from.

And true to his book is a testament of winning the World Poker Tour in 2016 himself. Results were winded by a path of the ever-changing landscape and newer competitive faces, detailing a strenuous journey Mike Sexton took before triumphing when the stars of his game and strategy aligned for a total win. Exactly 15 years before his grand accomplishment of playing and working in the poker scene.

Life Outside Gambling Poker

Mike Sexton is survived by his wife, Karen Sexton, as well as their blood son Ty who was birthed at 2008; reaching fatherhood at the age of 61. In the remainder of his later years, Mike was seen gambling poker noticeably lesser amid his newly established family ground. One such was coaching the Little League Baseball, a children-only tournament he avidly supported. The extend of Mike’s commitment was seen when he voluntarily dropped out of World Series Of Poker (WSOP) in favour of the children’s baseball game, after finding out when the schedule of both tournaments coincidentally clashed.

Having substantial success behind his back, Mike Sexton has donated many of his fortunes to charities. More than a million has been pledged following his win in 2006 was contributed to five different charitable organisations, and had also stated that he would have continued to do so at the time of being alive.

‘The world of poker will not be the same’ has been the common sentiment shared within the betting industry. Jason Koon, high stakes professional, after sending his condolences to the family have voiced for Sexton’s unwavering influence and motivation throughout the scene. “Most of us would have never been inspired to make this leap,” Koon further stated.

David Williams, another Poker veteran, have long idolised Mike Sexton’s philosophy and character in life and in the card game have said, “You have changed me the same way as many of us were empowered into.” The total contribution and promotion have resulted in Mike’s moniker known as “the Ambassador of Poker,” and a title in which he happily accepted.

Influence Today

Regardless of what’s to come, the impact of Mike Sexton’s work can be seen globally. Live Tables category under most, if not, all online casinos are seen with poker added into the genre of streaming games. This has set a standard of playing cards online, breeding and emerging many upcoming players that are contesting the world’s best.

“The name is no-boundaries Texas Hold’em. It takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master,” quoting Mike Sexton in competency towards Poker. A video highlight of managing his psychological skillset can be seen below.

(Video Source: PartyPokerTV)


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