Growth Of Online Gambling In Southeast Asia

Radical changes came amidst the anti-corruption crackdown by the Chinese Government in recent years. The moral calling drew flocks of online casino relocation that sees towards the Southeast Asian region. In China, all betting platforms were made illegal with the only approving exception of the Metropolis of Macau, widely reputed as a centralised hub for gambling entertainment and also in tourism.

A prominent example that can be seen lies in the country of Cambodia. Sprouting numerous on-site casinos wired with live recordings precede the growth of SEA’s internet gambling activity, the increasing availability of gambling dens further spurred economic developments within the coastal town, Sihanoukville, and also to the benefit of the aforementioned nation. The catalysing attribute itself is an irony, a scheme that came directly from China. Known as the Belt and Road Initiative plan, this pillar of supporting foundation was formed to seed partner-countries exclusive forms of investment and thus allowing a chain of continental-wide growth.

Another iGaming haven is pivoted into the island nation of the Philippines. Seizing the opportunity of China’s moralisation plans, the remnants of Chinese wagering entrepreneurs found security and growth within the said country. President Duterte emphasised of the boon by introducing gambling dens, flooding seasonal visitation into the island country as well as the efforts that develop more jobs locally. Roughly 138,000 Chinese workers were authorised to be employed in the Philippines, resulting in the encouragement of multi-language commercialisation and developing even more local revenue.

A Viral Outbreak, An Unorthodox Growth

Statistical tabulation pinpoints an unusual boost in Southeast Asia’s gaming traffic within this year. Appropriately reasoned as a cause by movement restriction in light of the COVID-19 lockdown, the seemingly direct relationship maps an increased game growth sales by 63%. “A rise in mobile gaming with two-thirds of Southeast Asia’s population engaged,” EnjoyGaming.Org paraphrases a quote of Guilherme Fernandes from Newzoo, while sharing a consensus that the entertainment industry remains an untapped emerging force stirring further growth. Mobile applications excite with an increase of as many as 30% downloads, depending on the region under the Coronavirus affliction, where top categories that marked major significance is none other than the games itself.

Publicly Traded iGaming Stocks On Fire

Sitting in the shadows of the limelight, Enjoy Gaming looked towards its niche expertise of gambling to specify its growth. Our findings led towards The Motley Fool that reported an above-than-expected rise in various stocks of iGaming providers. This highlight emphasises on the importance of digitisation, as well as the increasing popularity of online gambling in the reflection of rising stocks. It would seem that traditional bricks-and-mortar casinos are losing out, and the most feasible choice of capturing the market comes online in the 21st century. “Traditional companies are mainly relying on connections to bring online gambling. In that aspect, casino software companies have the best highlight to drive growth in the market,” paraphrasing the Fool’s author.

Among the stocks includes iGaming providers like PlayTech, a brand widely recognised for its high probability win rating and well-diversified casino games categories. The quoted stock is seen to have returned a gigantic 150% from the start of Malaysia’s Covid-19 lockdown to the present, as observed in the graph below, benefitting whomever that have rode the currents of equity. Fortune favours the bold, simply put, when it comes to any game of chance.

Google's graph panel showing PlayTech casino games provider publicly traded stock is on the rise(PlayTech Stock On The Rise Amid COVID-19 Lockdown – Image taken as a screenshot from Google’s Graph Panel)

Gambling With Mobile Devices

According to Televisory, online gambling has been developing progressively each year. Believing a result drawn from an ease in global regulations as well as introducing newer entertainment genres, the iGaming path has attracted an increasing spawn of crowds. Virtual reality betting or VR gambling were amongst that pioneered a modern stream of casino games, paving for newer heights that add for an astonishing $8.2 billion additional revenue by 2023 in this respective field.

On the other hand, the increasing usage of smartphones being an everyday carry (EDC) is not an understatement that aids to level the online gambling fields. As a cultural norm in the connected world, mobiles are seen with an expansion of usage time that is paired with a rise of Millennial and Generation Z population, leading trails to indicate continuous industrial advancement that foretells a witty, first-moving decision by owning a white label online casino.

The once practised stereotypical notion commonly related to age and personal device ownership is moreover, changing. This tradition is becoming loose in modern times, as of the result that virtually everything is reliant on the internet. This stimulates a higher engagement towards iGaming platforms, just as marketing strategies are being concentrated to exploit this fact. More and more ads seen in social medias, forums and image sites have been loaded to target betting groups of specific age.

As a quintessence to this claim, gambling on e-Sports stood out. Modern strategy-based games involving a complex landscape of cooperation in attempts overturn the opposition became a plausible wager. Games like DotA 2, League of Legends (what otherwise known as ‘LoL‘), as well as CSGO are few reputable names entering the wagering scene, where matches under any tournament could be bet, but also on the speculation when it comes roaster shuffle. Enjoy Gaming also believed that, as a consequence of being born in a technological gifted society, teenagers are quicker to adapt to mobile use. It’s also argued that increasing worldwide population additionally stirred the madness of internet wagering.

In a society where companionship and interaction is inevitably necessary, the involvement of anything alluring becomes socially attractive. This is further suspected to be a form of initiation into the wagering world, by word of mouth to get social peers engaged into online casinos. However, all forms of entertainment remain addictive. In this case, the potency to win money by gambling on slots, live casinos and even sports betting envelops any gambler to live by their play. Responsible gaming must be emphasised regardless, especially in certain times – when the growth of online gambling in Southeast Asia is foolproof.

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