Gambling Industry: What is iGaming?

  • The Gambling Industry has seen its climb towards the digital age, and a spin-off out of its progress is a casino directive known as iGaming. Towards a new world – and newer excitement, find what out what this key word really means.


An insurgence is here. And out came an unorthodox, game-breaking trend.

As far back as nearing 15 years, the seeding of the iGaming industry has turned – and brought worldwide capital growth.

Juniper Research, a forecasting agency specialising only in digital technology gauges that by 2022, a trillion dollar worth of iGaming revenue will be surpassed. And this is considered by many a latest inception of internet products, as well as optimistically strategised directions that would blossom a flowering surge.

Other considerations were further taken into account, one such attribute includes the aggressive takeover by merging and even acquisition of internet-oriented developments seen recently. Amidst all that have been accomplished, various regulatory bodies have been at work – to subdue and destroy the gambling industry still, but all to no avail, proving once again that time-tested growth can be seen.

The Definition of iGaming

iGaming is a sub-branch, or an offshoot of the betting industry, that under the effects of the internet age, it’s diverged out and into the specific focus of the online wagering scene.

Few quintessential game genres that make up an online casino include sports betting, live gambling, and mobile slots. Yet within the benign realms of Asia’s gambling culture, a strange trend is observed. Found by Enjoy Gaming‘s decade long experience in building white label casinos, Southeast Asians are seen to be more attuned towards the enticing novelty of online slots as well as football bet.

In today’s world, the positioning of iGaming centres are being pioneered and established everywhere. This is seen to provide jobs, while also in a matrix aid that broadens the economy up in aspects of tourism and also opportunity.

iGaming ventures enriches – and are dependent heavily by different services (through the likes of videography, music, modelling and software development) in order to become appropriately established. In terms of financial returns, online gambling remains a proposition where revenue production are high.

Exponential Rise in iGaming

A stack of casino chips with a candlestick background showing exponential rise in iGaming

A common, mutually accepted opinion that sits globally is the impression of operating an iGaming enterprise remains a predominant emerging market, and this is a position that are looked into by all casino owners.

As of the internet age which have expanded the bordering horizon – where the sky is the limit and punters anywhere are welcome, one key finding stumbled upon is that gamblers are seeking convenience. Because using the internet does not compromise comfort and mobility, and in that simultaneous regard would they enjoy a moment of entertainment.

On the other hand, a keen progress to imitate inner infrastructures of bricks and mortar casinos have always reside within the thoughts of online gaming operators.

And this is particularly fixated towards user experience, where attempts to emphasise visceral significance aid to shrug worrisome thoughts off. Online casinos were also developed to operate innately instinctive and appealing, promoting a level of progression that’s on-par with any up-to-date iGaming technology.

As much as the internet evolves the same way as innovation continues to climb, the accessibility in any casino application design will consequentially improve further.

Correlating with studies conducted, further discovery was found that an increasing interest of mobile games make up for a close half of the gaming industry’s revenue, which coincides to the benefit of the wagering landscape – under the commonality of operating a handphone.

The current times of modernisation have complemented a rapid gaming transition towards the mobile platform, and out came the prevalence of dying console shifts that have irritated existing paradigms.

And through a striking chance, this was guided by the best and increasing interest of smartphone possession allowing internet access, where further addictions, or reliance on web searches can be found tower tall. All major breakthroughs in mobile technology have also exacerbated the amount of time spent on the internet, leading to advance design setting, captivating artistry, seasonal themes and pleasing sounds that electrifies iGaming. In the act to spread awareness, ballyhoo from wagering websites featuring bonuses and promotion incentives have displaced and overtook land-based casinos – despite all of its retention scheme introduced and real feel.

The Course of iGamingCryptocurrencies and a stream of cards flowing into a tablet showing Online Gambling transition in cryptocasinos

What shall uncover in the chapters of the future may revolve around the many customisation of skins. At the very present, a tug of war has been waged between competitions, and the ones quicker in the development is speculated to maintain a creative edge. This is fuelled by a diverse variety and growing segments of iGaming products.

A closer look applies in table games. The beauty of this gamble is its real-time format and live interaction dedicated to thrills and winning adventures. Live casino expands into Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and even Poker, yet its play may soon see newer inventions – which is one of the major reasons why using an iGaming provider remains beneficial. By creating a white label online casino, research and development phase is focused as part of a supplier’s products and services, allowing appropriate experimentation of games before finalised launch.

In the near future, cryptocurrencies may soon set a standard of society norm. This is a creative solution where online gaming branches out and into digital currencies as well as its transactional medium, the Blockchain, because of its recognition in maintaining anonymity where transactions are performed. This is also the answer as a privacy haven when gamblers’ safety are ensured upon online transactions, propelling the iGaming industry forward while retaining the benefit of every party winning.

iGaming: The Current Standard?

An astronaut in space holding a set of cards representing the future of Online Gambling as space-age.

Not so fast. Wagering behind the concrete walls will still remain an unmovable position, but we’re slowly transitioning out. As of the fact that exists ambience, vivid interactions and organised social trips, land-based casinos shall remain a premium choice to come.

Although online tables will nurture and pioneer many games (like e-Sports betting for example) that will be not be seen in their traditional counterparts, iGaming will diverge out as an alternative, convenient entertainment decision – one that will carry effortlessness by turning existing games requiring in-contact filling online.

And powered by the gesture of advancement in platforms and progressive software development, it’s safe to say that iGaming has yet to reach its zenith! This is the undeniable turn of events that will make play far more enjoyable, and online gambling a 21st century setting. The future is iGaming indeed.

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